What we really miss?

Uganda is a country which has one the largest refugee populations in Africa. This is due to instability of its neighbors such as South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia and the Central African Republic. The conflict in South Sudan – one of the worst African conflicts of the 21st century, is the main source of refugees arriving in the north of the country.
The implementation of progressive refugee policies and their hosting communities has meant that Uganda, despite the challenges it faces, is the most welcoming country for refugees in the entire world. Therefore, documenting this communities is very important to sheer light on what is really happening.
The line between refugees and hosting communities is very thin. They share the land and the resources to work together. Both benefit from coexistence and this is how service delivery mechanisms, intercommunity relations and developmental results is improving.
Focusing on hosting communities and asking them a very simple but deep question this project aims to outline that we all are exposed to conflicts; “Imagine that you become a refugee tomorrow: What would you miss the most?” If we analyze the 12 answers very few are referring to something material. Because the most important things we have are always intangible things. Things that you have to leave behind when you become a refugee.

Fungo Godfrey (50)

“chatting with my best friend surrounded by this environment”

Fundo Godfrey 1Fungo Godfrey 2

Katisi Irene (30)

“be with my friends in the market”

Katisi Irene 1Katisi Irene 2

Daniel Okot (28)

“security and stability for my little girl”

Daniel Okot 1Daniel Okot 2

Winnie Kutusa (18)

“my home and all the memories that we keep in it”

Winnie Kutusa 1Winnie Kutusa 2

Faidaku Gatrude (19)

“the harmony we live in”

Faidaku Gatrude 1Faidaku Gatrude 2

Aseru Beatrice (52)

“freedom of movement”

Aseru Beatrice 1Aseru Beatrice 2

Amina Miria (50)

“access to education”

Amina Miria 1Amina Miria 2

Chiriga Adnan (28)

“my fertile land”

Chiriga Andan 1Chiriga Andan 2