Deptford Methodist Church

  • by Guillem Trius
  • enero 15th, 2016

Deptford Methodist Church was built on slum clearance land in 1903. It was deliberately designed so that it didn’t look too church like to attract people into the building who might be put off by a traditional church. Historically the mission always had a deep concern for the poverty in the neighbourhood, which arose from the intermittent employment opportunities at the local docks.

From the 1920s the Mission had a concern for disabled and elderly people, reflected in what was then called «The Cripples Guild» and the «Cosy Corner» drop in, and what we now call the DPC. The church was bombed in 1940 and the entire west side of the building was destroyed, including the original worship space and the tower.

Planning the rebuilding took a long time, but the Mission as it is now opened in 1956, with a renewed energy for it’s work in the community which continue nowadays intact.


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